Our Purpose

At the James River Association, we believe a healthy River should be enjoyed by all, and we strive to connect Virginians to our shared James River.  But river conditions can change quickly. James River Watch is a water quality monitoring program created to inform the public by communicating river conditions to interested Virginians across the watershed.  So whether you swim, paddle, or boat - get outside, enjoy the James, and know before you go!


Our Results



Volunteers Engaged


Informed River Users


Communities Served


Get Involved

Get Involved:  A healthy James River requires caring citizens and communities.  Whether it’s getting your hands dirty, raising your voice, or supporting our cause, there is a job for everyone in making a cleaner James.  We offer opportunities to get active and stay informed



You can hike it, bike it, swim it, run it or raft it. How you enjoy the James River is up to you.


We’ve taken the river from a D- to a B- in terms of overall health – but we need help to reach our goal of a Grade A James.


Whatever your interests are, there is a role for you in improving the health of the James River.


The James is Virginia’s largest tributary to the Chesapeake Bay, at 340 miles long it is one of the longest rivers in America that begins and ends in the same state.